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Sprinkler Repairs

The climate in lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill, Rosamond, Mojave, California City and Tehachapi can be extreme with very cold winters and very warm summers.  This being the case, a properly functioning irrigation system whether a sprinkler or drip is essential to your landscape.  If temperatures are too high which is normal for our area during the summer months, any deficiencies in your irrigation system should be addressed immediately.  Irrigation repairs can include the replacement of a valve or sprinkler repair; pressure regulator replacement, drip system inspection , proper irrigation timer programming or rewiring, pipe repair and much more depending on the irrigation system.          

(760) 373-0016 or email us info@sharperlandscaping.com with any sprinkler issues and we'll get to you fast!

If you are a landlord and are not present at your rental location, a sprinkler system in good working condition and with a properly programmed timer can be your best friend.  Your grass, plants and trees will benefit tremendously and so will you.  An irrigation issue that is ingored can quickly become costly in landscape replacement and water bills.  If only part of your lawn dies as a result of a malfunctioning sprinkler system, this won't only cost you in lawn replacement.   Keep in mind that you will have to water that particular area a lot more for up to six weeks to get it to root and grow whether you replace with seed or sod.  This means watering that particular area three to four times per day 15 minutes each time during the hot summer months.  Even in cooler months, three times per day is a normal requirement.  Therefore, the money you thought you were saving by putting off that sprinkler repair you needed is consumed in another related way. Saving money is good, but not when it involves sacrificing your landscaping by putting off that much needed sprinkler repair.  Get your irrigation system working properly today!       

We service the following locations:

Tehachapi and surrounding areas
California City

In California City, we  will come out at no charge to provide an estimate.  Most repairs will be completed within one to two hours.  Outside of California City we charge $75 to come out, assess the irrigation issue and provide and estimate.  The $75 is then applied to the total estimated price should you contract us to perform the repair.  All our irrigation work is guaranteed for one year from date of repair.  We also guarantee you won't be disappointed with the quality of our work.
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