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Landscape Construction

Efficient Irrigation

With water rates increasing at a rapid rate, the solution is to design the most efficient irrigation system possible.  We place emphasis on using top grade irrigation parts and designing irrigation plans that will save you money today and in the future.  This photograph for instance (right), shows one of our irrigation crews installing a drip irrigation system that includes one gallon per hour emitters for plants and micro sprayers for flower beds that will result in substantially less water use.  Being experts in irrigation, we can construct a system precisely for you that will last you years into the future.  

Drought Tolerant Landscapes

Whether it is for the water savings or because our customers prefer a low maintenance yard, we deliver on their wishes.  Drought tolerant landscapes which convert grass type to desert or xeriscapes have become a huge part of our program.  The overall cost to construct this type of landscape will normally cost less than a grass-type landscape.  We have a variety of ideas which includes building a dry river bed and surrounding it with boulders and drought tolerant shrubs and trees.  Two of our most valuable resources is our knowledge and data on high desert plant life.  We are also constantly educating our workers in all areas of plant life, irrigation and design.  All these resources come together to create a drought tolerant landscape you will be proud of.   

Concrete Curbing

We can take an average looking landscape and convert it to an extra-ordinary landscape by adding mowstrip style concrete curbing.  It can serve as a decorative item and as a useful way to create planters for a fraction of the cost compared to other options.  We have the fastest and most meticulous concrete curbing finishers.  They only work for us and are not subcontractors which means we can do the job in a more cost effective manner.  That translates to a lower overall landscaping cost. 

Whatever your landscaping needs might be, we will deliver the best value for your money.  

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