9136 California City Bl.
California City, CA 93505
(760) 373-0016  
Lic. 899266 
Q.A.L. 137014

Commercial Maintenance

We have established wonderful relationships with our commercial landscaping maintenance customers by exceeding expectations.  We are constantly praised for our consistency and fast response to customer needs.  This is part of our company culture.  From top to bottom, we clearly understand we exist because of the landscaping business our clients provide.  And if we are to continue to be one of the fastest growing and successful commercial landscaping maintenance companies, we must continue to deliver the best value to our customers.  We are now operating up to a 65 mile radius in communities such as Bakersfield, Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill, Hesperia, Victorville and Tehachapi.        

Some of our landscaping maintenance customers include governments, national property management companies, financial institutions, national retail stores, home improvement shopping centers and local businesses.  Big or small, our service to each landscaping maintenance customer is priority number one.  The only changes to our service will be in the form of improvements.  A list of some of our more prominent customers includes:    

- City of California City
- Edwards Air Force Base
- Ferrandino and Son, Inc.

- Springwise
- Lowes Stores  Palmdale and Lancaster
- Rite Aid Stores  Palmdale, Lancaster and California City
- Walgreens  Tehachapi 
- Walmart
- Sam's Club  Palmdale
- Home Depot
- Bank of the Sierra
- East Kern Health Care District
- Alta One Credit Union
- RSI Petroleum, Inc.
- Tetra Property Management, Inc.

- Land Bank of America
- FBC and Associates, Inc.
- Chevron Fueling Stations
- CFN Fueling Stations

Most of our commercial landscaping maintenance customers have been with us for years.  They sometimes reminds us of our beginnings before the real estate boom and our struggles through the tough economic recovery. We are told that despite the difficult times, our commercial landscaping maintenance service remained outstanding.  We will ensure that does not change by continuing to deliver the same service they have come to rely on.  Thank you to all our customers; we would not be here if it wasn't for you!    


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