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Thank your for visiting our website.  We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to make the case that we can offer you the best value when you compare us to other landscapers.  We have developed a unique method by which we can save  you money in landscaping without sacrificing quality.  This helps us compete with even those landscapers who are not licensed and are uninsured.  So why take the risk?

Our company has had the rare experience of learning about our consumer markets for our area during the housing boom and during a very difficult economic recovery.  This has helped us understand how to create the best value for potential landscaping customers.  This has also propelled us to become one of the most successful and fastest growing landscaping companies in the Antelope Valley and Kern County.  All this has been possible even with so many unlicensed and uninsured landscapers competing for the same business.  We have learned however, that competition is very good.   Competition has helped us distinguish our service quality in landscaping from that of those landscapers who may offer a lower price but only at the risk of costing the customer more in the future.  We have literally lost complete landscaping construction jobs over a couple hundred dollars difference in price only to later be called back to repair the work of those who out-bid us originally.  This kind of landscaping repair work is not cheap, but it is necessary if the customer wishes to have the quality of landscaping work that they originally desired.  

We have also been very successful at winning over a large part of the landscaping market share dominated by other legitimate landscapers who have been around longer than we have.  It is not that they do not produce good landscaping work; it is that consumers can immediately see the difference in service quality that translates to peace of mind.  And this is only one part of many things that has helped us edge out other
landscapers and enabled us to offer customers the best value in landscaping service.

Thank you for considering us in your search for a quality landscaping services provider.  We hope to see you soon!  

Sharper Landscaping Services, Inc.
Lic# 899266
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9136 California City Blvd. California City, CA. 93505 

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